Thursday, February 3, 2011

signs on my body that they were here

My sister Rachel and I often joke on skype about the cosmetic surgery we are going to do someday. When we are all done having children, we tell each other, we are going to be lifting, tucking, scrambling to re-capture our youth. And then we grimace at each other, and start laughing our heads off. Because, really, when are two knife-shy old ladies with better things to do going to make cosmetic surgery a priority?!!

I tell you what though. Even if I had a fairy godmother at hand, ready to lift and tuck to my heart’s desire, there are a few things I would never change.

The stretch marks my first daughter gave me. I hadn’t even ONE, on the day I went into labor. But after 48 hours of active labor, when I begged for the epidural, my legs swelled so much from the drugs that I got my first stretch marks. They speak to me of perseverance, and the faithfulness of my Father to get me through scary times.

The little lines that came with my second daughter, as I traveled to a new country. When I started my life over in China. As the Father healed the scars on my heart by giving me a beautiful, and satisfying natural birth experience.

And the sign that this, my third baby, really was here. I almost feel lucky, that I have a physical reminder of his life. The pink, thin line below my bellybutton. Witness to the bad thing taken out of me, the cyst that my baby pointed out. I think it is pretty amazing that at 9 weeks old, unborn, and perfect, he maybe saved his mama’s life.

These lines, bumps, and scars are the sign of an amazing thing. A body designed for miracles. It blows my mind!

So… Rachel, maybe instead of a vaca where we lift and tuck, you and I can just escape to a beach in Brazil when we are done having kids?

P.S. For the record, Matt says he wouldn't be opposed to making a LITTLE lifting and tucking a priority


The Turkington Family said...

Thank you for writing this...from a Mother's heart. My mama heart needed this reminder.

Hope said...

You are a brilliant woman Hallie. I have never even thought to look at those scars and stretch marks that way. I think I will forever have a new mindset about my appearance. Thank you