Thursday, September 9, 2010

"girls sure do cry a lot"

Zoe and Esther cry about EVERYTHING. If I say, “lets put on our shoes” they look at me and cry. If oh, say, a flower they picked starts to wilt, they cry. Matt is totally appalled by this behavior, and I keep telling him that they are just girls, they are just different, that’s all. He is convinced they need medical attention, perhaps some hormone therapy or something.

After the event I am about to relate to you, he finally believes me.

Our friends were having lunch with us last Sunday, and the adults were talking on the balcony, kids running around like animals having a blast. I got up to check on something, and discovered Zoe and her 6 year old friend Elijah had put the guinea pig in the kids potty chair, after nearly drowning it in the sink.

I told her that she ONLY gets to give the pig a bath with mom’s help, because it would be easy for him to drown. I put the pig away, run to check the cookies in the oven and ignore her winding up for a good cry.

Matt overheard this:


Elijah (middle of 3 boys): Uh, Zoe, why are you crying?

Zoe: cause, hiccup, Mommy said, hiccup, no giving my guinea pig a bath, hiccup hiccup SOB.

Elijah: (in total disbelief) So, youre, uh, CRYING?!

Zoe: yeah, hiccup hiccup SOB, it makes me SAD! SOB

Elijah: you shouldn’t cry about that Zoe. Its stupid.

Zoe: (drying up instantly) oh, ok.

2 seconds later, screams of laughter and fun as they chase each other around the house again.

Moral of the story? We need to hang out with boys more often.


Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! haha! made me laugh out loud :)


張新恩 said...

that TOTALLY made me laugh!!! yeah, i vote you guys should hang out with boys more often! =)

mama said...

Hilarious! Elijah sure set Zoe straight!

Anonymous said...

I always inspired by you, your thoughts and way of thinking, again, thanks for this nice post.

- Murk

Christopher said...

As a Dad with 5 daughters I can vouch for the fact that the crying seems to be genetic. My role in our house seems to be endlessly directing some daughter to stop crying.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Hallie!! I have the same problem with Aby! This was hilarious. Leslie