Tuesday, August 24, 2010



OMG. This stuff smells great. And it has, like, only 12 ingredients. I did realize before I bought this that instead of conditioner, you use a vinegar rinse at the end. No biggy, all the reviews said no problemo.

So I spend a good 30 minutes mixing the right amounts of vinegar, and finally wash my hair.

Results are surprisingly simple, my hair feels nice. I am surrounded by a cloud of vinegar. EWE.


The directions say to give your hair 2-3 weeks to adjust to this new type of healthy soap, so I don’t have high expectations. Just really hating the vinegar smell that follows me around all day.


I get my hair colored as usual. The website says this shampoo will NOT strip color from your hair. I wait 24 hours after coloring to wash my hair. The dark dye swirls down the drain. HELLO again roots! I send Bubble and Bee a quick email. They suggest trying lemon juice in the rinse instead of vinegar, and suggest I embrace my god-given hair color and stop using nasty evil dyes. Um, ok. I mean, that is legit and all, but really, I DO like my highlights an awful lot and don’t want to give them up.

And the lemon juice doesn’t really work and leaves my hair full of pulp. But I am committed to this experiment and in the broader perspective having a healthy life and planet and all that jazz. So I decide to stick it out.


My hair is looking REALLY greasy around the ears. Kinda stiff and, um, wiry everywhere else. I still smell like vinegar and am ultra aware of getting to close to my friend when we are teaching preschool together. 2 weeks to go until I give up. I look up the FAQ page on the Bubble and Bee website and am lead to believe that I may have hard water. So I try the baking soda and stuff they suggest.

For another week.

DAY 14.

I am getting tired of wearing ponytails. The greasy situation is NOT getting better, no matter how much baking soda I use, and frankly, I am sick of smelling vinegar in the bathroom and everywhere I go. Call me old fashioned, but I LIKE the clean, soapy smell I usually associate with taking a shower.

DAY 21

I give up. I will assume I have the hard water. I will suggest that you only try this shampoo if you are SURE you do not. I take a shower this morning and wash my hair with…

Nature’s Baby Organic Shampoo and Conditioner that I got from:


I can’t pronounce every ingredient, but is doesn’t have SLS or Parabens, and is organic and 100% vegan. Whatever that means. AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!!! And my hair is so pretty and grease free that I wear it down all day… until tonight. Now it smells like exhaust since I was riding my motorcycle all over. Oh well. There is always tomorrow morning!!!


Harmony said...

I LOVED reading this. I cannot believe you stuck it out for so long. You! Of all people!

張新恩 said...

哈哈!真的好好笑哦! =)

rosebark said...

I am so proud of you for... making it. It sucked. And smelled. But you did it. I tried growing out my armpit hair once, you know, just to see if it felt ok and we just have a weird cultural stigma around it.
It was fantastically awful. Eventually I shaved one, convinced that at least I only needed to be half miserable while the other grew out. And, before I decided that it was all a loss and I like this American habit, I took a picture. :) No joke.

rosebark said...

What type do you use NOW?