Tuesday, August 24, 2010



YUMMY!!! I seriously want to eat this body butter. Raspberry-Vanilla. It is RICH. Perfect for my uber-dry skin. I love it. It goes on thick, and feels kind of greasy, so I wouldn’t wear it with silk or anything. But I can’t remember the last time I wore silk anyway so that is a non-issue.


Also very thick. Unscented. I love it. HOWEVER, even though my skin is dryer than almost any I know, this is almost TOO rich for me. If I use it every day, I get one or two pimples. And I NEVER get pimples. EVER. So I am using it at night around my eyes, and a couple times a week.


I am scared to DEATH of deodorants without lovely chemicals and pore-clogging aluminum. My mom forbade such evil deodorants and as soon as I became and adult I started wearing them. When I think about natural, health-promoting deodorants, I think of stinky patchouli and rank sweat.

ALL THAT TO SAY, I am pleasantly surprised by the Geranium Lime Pit Putty I ordered. The smell is unusual, but nice. Every time I open it, I am taken right back to THAILAND. It smells like Thailand. Kind of sensual, earthy, and, well, limy!

It works well for me on an average low sweat day. If I am working out around other people, like, REALLY getting up a good sweat, does NOT cut it. HOWEVER, since it IS such a great product, I am going to order some of their other deodorants (like this spray: http://www.bubbleandbee.com/servlet/the-72/Natural-Deodorant,-Organic-Deodorant/Detail ) and see if they work better for the hard sweating times.

Oh, and I am going to order some of this for my chemical-hating mom she can try it outJ

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laura said...

Yay! I have had the same issue with the deo. I will be using it this winter. :)