Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Our home has been filled with cigarette smoke for the last 3 days. Don’t worry, it’s not me, finally giving into the pressures of living overseas. I value my lungs too highly.

Gangsters don’t value their lungs, apparently. Because the cigarette smoke is coming in our windows from the gangsters who have been parked on our balcony for the last 3 days. These guys showed up one morning, and have just been out there smoking for 3 days. They are nice enough, but it started making me nervous. We only have one other family living on our 27th floor. And some single guy who hasn’t been around for 2 months.

So Matt got one of our complex guards to come up and talk with the guys on our balcony. Turns out, the single guy, who hasn’t been around, owes a man some money. And these guys are in the business of getting money for the man. “Well, we say, this makes us nervous.” “Oh, don’t worry!” Says the guard, and the apartment manager, and our friend who helped translate. “They won’t do anything to you, they are really nice! It’s that guys problem! He shouldn’t be owing them money!”

The guard kindly bids us goodnight, and leaves.

Our girls are one a first name basis with these thugs. Every time we go in our out of our apartment “Hi Uncle! Nee How! Hello!!!! Bye Bye!!!” (bye bye is from Esther)

Don't they look DUBIOUS?!!!


Harmony said...

Wait--you share a balcony? I thought you had your own balcony, off of your apartment?

Mandy Mucci said...

Well shoot...better to make friends with them I guess!

Tim McLaughlin said...

Hmmm....I know the feeling, though 20-some years ago. East San Diego County apartment. (That's the unsexy part of San Diego.) Us and 4 young children, one a newborn (who just today had a baby shower...due in April!) and teenagers smoking outside our windows at night. Windows that we kept almost perpetually open, just for fresh air. -- BUT they weren't Guido and Luigi, "persuading" a debtor to pay up. Yikes.

Follow your children's sociable lead, as if you need to be reminded....