Tuesday, March 2, 2010

They gym...

a strange story.

Matt’s school had a gym right next to it. When they opened a branch near our house last fall, we signed a year’s contract, and put it on hold while we went to the States. Yesterday we went to re-activate our membership. On the way into the building, a nice guy in the gym’s uniform tried to sell us a membership. And then we saw this:

In case you can't tell, that is a picture of people taking exercise equipment away from the gym. In a taxi. Why? There are only about 3 staff hanging around and the doors are randomly locked at strange hours of the day!

So we get a Chinese friend to go with us to get the whole story. Turns out, the gym owner went bankrupt or something and escaped the country. A few faithful staff are left hoping to luck out in a legal battle, and are just turning their heads when angry gym members decide the best solution to being gypped out of a few hundred bucks is to “steal” all the equipment! We asked if we also could take a treadmill or something home, but our Chinese friend said, “Um, I think you might get in trouble, being a foreigner and all”.

So, I guess we don’t need to work out anymore ;) I was just LOOKING for another good excuse!

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