Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hallie's School

I began language school last week. Today was my 6th day of class. So far so good.

I have 3 other people in my class. Koreans. A 17 year old boy, a 50 year old man, and a sweet 21 year old girl. The 21 year old is a work machine, she masters every tone, every character with a very sweet, very cute voice. And she speaks a tad bit of English. The Man makes up with enthusiasm and volume what he lacks in study skills, and speaks no English. And someday I hope to find out what in the world the 17 year old is doing here! He’s sweet, and tries, so despite his lack of English skills, I think we will be friends :)

You know what is kind of fun about this class? That our language in common will be Chinese!!! This makes our conversations pretty basic. As in… HELLO! And HOW ARE YOU? And HORSE, GRANDMA, BIG SISTER, and so forth and so on. I think we are at least 1 year away from a deep conversation!!!

I am touched by how hard everyone tries to communicate with me, I’m the odd one out, and it would be so easy to ignore me. I like studying. It is hard to memorize all the squigglies that make up the characters I am supposed to learn. But the best part is the sensation of power building deep inside me. I am making PROGRESS. If am taking steps, not baby steps ,but toddler steps, toward the rest of my life here. The last year and a half have been nothing other than desperate. I want to badly to understand and be understood. I am so happy right now..

When I leave in the morning, it is the greatest thing to know that my sister Clara is with the girls. To know that they are safe and happy. They are taking really well to the new routines, and Clara is doing “school” with Zoe every day. Letters. Oh baby.

So that’s that! Just wanted to bring you up to date!


Susan Hoar said...

You go girl I am so proud of you. I have been in Thailand 6 years, and still can only say the basic stuff. Yikes. You are doing great. Keep up the great work. I am soooooo happy your sister is helping you with the kids. That is just perfect. How long will she stay?
Come to Thailand when you need a break. The girls can ride the horses! Love, Susan

Ed Ziebart said...

Oh, Hallie, this is all so exciting! How long are you in school each day? How many days per week, and how long does it go (in the term, do you get time off,etc?) I am SO proud of you, both of you for all you are learning! I am praying for supernatural ability and memory! I love that Clara is with the girls...and Zoe has started "school!" So...with you out all morning...when is the best time to SKYPE? Weekends? Love you all so much! Miss you! Have a great week learning "all the squigglies!" Love, mom z

Elizabeth said...

Good work Hallie! Keep it up! I am completely useless when it comes to languages, they are so difficult to learn, but I know you'll do great.

annie4jesus said...

You go, Hallie!

annie4jesus said...

I'm so excited for you, Hallie!

annie4jesus said...

Yay, Hallie!

annie4jesus said...

Yay, Hallie, I'm so proud of you ;)