Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beijing, PRC January 8th

4:30 am
Beijing, China

Zoe and I are up after about 6 consecutive hours of sleep. Not bad! Esther is snuggled under about 15 blankets next to Matthew in the big bed. The home of friends we are staying in has the luxury of heat, but I would not be so bold as the say the house is WARM. I would go with, um, COLD. But not as cold as outside, where about 6 inches of snow lays crusty and dirty upon the ground. It IS a special way to see Beijing for the first time.

I think that the warm clothing we brought are going to be pretty smelly by the end of these 5 days. It is kind of like camping in the snow, in a really big tent. My Christmas long underwear are not coming off this body. I am thinking about ditching my American ideas of showering and skipping voluntarily taking my clothing off and standing in water. And I am wishing I had spent the extra 75 bucks on the wool long underwear shirt right about now! Early birthday present, anyone? REALLY early?!!

I am trying to decide if I should wash our sick nasty airplane clothes and hope they dry, or just wear them all filthy for the next few days. I know, a BIG decision.

We had 3 extra bags, and were expecting to pay $110 for each one. That was the price on the website. When we got to Seattle, they told us they were going to charge us $220. I know. INSANE. I went and sat down with the girls, and after 30 minutes of negotiating, and using a lot of Chinese, they agreed to let us take them as far as Beijing for free. Would you please join with us and ask the big Guy to give us favor when we check in to our flight home in a few days? We really need to stuff in those bags!

We are spending 3 days sightseeing. As much as we can in the snow anyway. Matt is diving right back into speaking Mandarin and my tongue is numb. All I can think to say is “she is a girl” and “I am American”. Not going to do me a lot of good, that is true.

First step today is to get a sim card for our phone. We will find out if Matt’s jail broken iPhone works here. If not, my broken blackberry will! I am listening to music on my iPod, trying to psyche my spirit and mind up for having a great attitude for the next few days. Trying to remember that Matt and I are a team. That he did not “drag” me here, and that I love adventure.

Second step, get a map and figure out where the blazes we are, and decide if we have the energy to try for the great wall or the forbidden city today. I am especially looking forward to seeing T square. I think it will be a moving experience, much enhanced by the snow!


ziebart said...

I feel closer, not quite so far away...reading your words! So what did you get to see in Beijing? I will imagine I am there when I read your words...love you four!

Elizabeth said...

Brrrr sounds freezing! I like my house cold, Em thinks I'm too cheap to pay for the heat. As soon as she arrives she cranks up the thermostat and once she leaves the first thing I do is turn it back down! But I digress, you're in a much colder place I'm sure. What kinds of warm-ish things are you looking for? electric blanket underwear? I really shouldn't blab about my invention ideas on here. Oh well, that one you can use! :) I hope the rest of your trip goes well and that you enjoy being back home!