Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ye old Stomping grounds

October 10, 2009

Never underestimate the power of the brain.

Indeed, as a mom of 3 years, I usually assume that my brain is on the edge of dead most of the time. I have no idea where my keys are, my earrings don’t get changed for weeks at a time and if you walked up to me and asked me what my kids birthdays were, chances are it would take me at LEAST 2 minutes to figure that one out. I still FEEL like a 21 year old in my head, but the sad reality is that was 8 years and a lifetime ago.

We are back in North Carolina, where Matt and I lived out the first 3 years of our marriage. We got married in Oregon, house sat for 2 weeks, then loaded all our wedding gifts into a U-haul and drove for 5 days. We slept in Wal-mart parking lots and ate dollar menu. We showed up on our friend’s parents’ porch, and stayed with them while we looked for an apartment that would take us with no credit history and no first months rent.

We lived a lot in 3 years, here in Concord, NC. We worked our butts off on any job we could find, studied for Bible School finals, fought like crazy and made up by going on dates to the $1 theater.

God smiled on us, and gave us a beautiful daughter 1 year and 9 months later. We finished school and left our “home” in the south… it feels like yesterday. But it has been 2 years.

I was shopping yesterday, and needed to put down my address for something… without even thinking about it, I filled in my address from here… 3026 Concord Point Lane, Concord, NC…… It was just naturally what came out of my pen! Then, I was getting groceries, and of course I didn’t have the “reward” card, so they told me to put in my phone number, 704-340-8115. WE have had at LEAST 10 phone numbers since then, but still, without even thinking, my old cell number danced off my fingers and right onto the little key pad at the register. I am driving down back roads by instinct, not exactly sure WHERE I am going, but knowing, somehow, that this road is going to take me there.

You know what surprised me most of all? The flood of NEGATIVE emotions I experienced in our first 24 hours here. I had forgotten about the sometimes stifling “religion”, or “traditions” of the south.

I was nursing my baby in the back of a church, and someone I didn’t even really know walked by and threw a blanket at me, and told me to cover up. He later said he wasn’t used to seeing “THAT” in public. Like “THAT” was some dirty word. Um… nothing was showing. No one was around. What the HECK? Then 5 different people told me there was a nursing room. OK PEOPLE!!! I get it! Only BIG people get to eat in public. Babies have to go to solitary confinement. (He he. Hallie’s getting behind her pulpit right here!!)

I also forgot that wearing tank top was kind of skanky. But then, these are just my perceptions of Christian reality around here. I am not claiming that my perceptions are the rule. So you don’t have to write angry emails to me, okay?!!

Good stuff, however started coming to mind by the second day here. Like all the people I love. They way God took care of us. The way He used our school to prepare us in a unique way for the call He had put on our lives. Seriously, Matt and I were better prepared than a lot of people we have met out there on the field. We are convinced our school was a big part of that.

I remember how much I love the sun here, and the kindness of strangers out and about. I had forgotten how the whole freeway practically comes to a standstill when there is a little rain, and how yummy Bojangle’s biscuits are!

I love worshiping in English to familiar songs, and hearing Scott give the announcements at church. I love Kathleen’s back yard, and her precious children, and shopping with Lindsey. And Crystal’s NYC humor. And gospel radio playing on the R&B/Hip Hop stations on Sunday morning.

WOAH. Long post. Are blogs supposed to be this wordy? I don’t know. Here I am, jittery from coffee I drank on an empty stomach, overcome with love and memories, signing off. Here’s a big, toothy Hallie grin. And a kosher side hug. Hehe. Bye!


Heather Ziebart said...

I think it is absolutly ok for blogs to be this wordy! I read it! I love you! And I love the part about your cell phone number!

Harmony said...

I absolutely loved reading this. I am still ruminating over the man who tossed you the blanket! Although when I read that part to David, he just looked at me as if to say, "yep." Which, I think, means, "pretty normal!" haha

Your heart has been through the ringer these past two months. Years. Godliness with contentment is great gain--God is working a work in you far greater than you can ask or think, Hallie. I just love to think of the godliness, of the contentment, he is producing in your soul. =)