Thursday, July 9, 2009

first week of language for ME!!!

I just finished my 4 days of consistent language study… my cheeks hurt from sounding out Ping Ying, the phonetic Chinese language. Further down the road, I will begin to study characters, but for now, Ping Ying is more than enough! It feels GOOD to be using my brain again! I mean, not that I don’t use it on a daily basis, but to actually force my brain down a specific track, for 4 hours at a time every day, is pure JOY!

When does a mom EVER get to do that?! Even if you are reading to a 3 year old, your brain is still thinking about what to make for dinner, if you are going to meet the deadline for that paper work, and WHEN, OH WHEN are you going to fit in a shower?!

Every morning, at 8:30, I hop on my bike, and head to McDonalds. I buy a cup of coffee, and study for 2 hours, (theoretically) then, I ride to a coffee house nearby, and meet my teacher for a 11/2 hour lesson. Time flies, because she is a good teacher, and comes to class with a plan, and sticks to it. I am sure I will think about her when it comes time to home school my little Zoe.

This is a sentence I learned this week. I know it looks like writing ma ma ma ma over and over again, but the TONES alone are what make each word different. I am including a loose translation of the sentence.

Ma ma qi ma, ma man, ma ma ma ma.

If you use the tones correctly, this will mean

Mama rode the horse, but the horse was slow, so Mama cussed at the horse!

For some reason, I think this is REALLY funny.


Harmony said...

And what did the Mama say, exactly?

I'm so excited for you! This is great, Hallie! And yay for Matthew as he takes on childcare.

Ed & Laura said...

ma ma who? ma ma did what? I am so proud of you, the ma ma you are...the woman you are. Good for you, Hallie! You can do it...and amaze the rest of us. And good for Matthew to hold down the home front in the mornings! This ma ma says goodbye...and I love you!