Thursday, July 9, 2009


Over the 4th of July, I did a lot of thinking. Most of what I thought is not blogable. People make a big deal about how you just have to “say what you think”, “say what you feel”, and “say what you believe”.

I believe you should say what is true, and before you say it, think about the consequences. Not everything you FEEL should be shared. Not everything you BELIEVE is right, or defend able! And, speaking for myself, I lot of what you THINK won’t do anyone else any good!

I filter my thoughts in so many new ways since moving to China. There is the filter of what is edifying. The filter of what is ok when you live in a country with the type of government we have. The filter of what will make the Body unite.

My biggest personal challenges since moving here are not so much the ones for which I had planned and prepared. The biggest personal challenges are the thing I cannot discuss. Things that don’t make it through those filters. The things that I must file away to share another time.

Zoe and Esther are supposed to be napping. I am burning rice. Esther is now sitting up, and doesn’t know how to lie back down and go to sleep, so she is screaming in tired frustration. And Zoe is just lying in bed, thinking up new, hopefully valid excuses to get out of bed for a little bit. This is the life!


Jeremy and Keri said...

Praying for you chica! very wise words. Wish I could be there to listen. William now sits up while he's supposed to be sleeping too. He fights sleep as it this new development hasn't helped. Love you!

Harmony said...

It is lonely but it is character-building, is it not? Thank you for this, for writing this and for DOING it.

Heather Ziebart said...

Everything is blogable in a private blog. :)