Thursday, May 7, 2009

One of “THOSE” days

Matthew and his sister are out of town for four days, so it is just me and the munchkins, trying to think of stuff to do in order to avoid insanity. We have been driving all over our side of town in our motor cycle thing.

I would like to think that I look insanely hot behind the wheel of our 3 wheeled motorcycle. I have a sneaking suspicion that is not the case. There are probably a lot of other words to describe how I look as I scoot around town, but I imagine none of them are very flattering, so I am NOT going to dwell on that. I shall simply continue along my merry, delusional way, and consider myself insanely hot.

It is fairly easy for me to be rude. But I still find it difficult to push and shove everyone out of my way. I am getting better at it. I was waiting at the cash register today to buy some towels, and 3 people bodily shoved me out of the way, and took my place in line. At last, I also began shoving, and much to my surprise, no one seemed to mind. Due to my hesitance to be “rude”, the shopping trip took at least 30 minutes longer than it should have.

Then we went to KFC to get some popcorn chicken for a snack. And I got shoved out of line at the counter by two different grumpy old ladies, who were totally un-impressed that my toddler was yelling “I hungry in my tummy” and infant was screaming just for the heck of it. So I got all up in their grill, and shoved lady number 3 out of the way and ordered my food.

Tonight, Zoe and I decided to have a picnic. We packed dinner, and headed to a park. The grass was soaking wet. So we went to another park. We got all set up, Esther on her corner of the blanket, Zoe on hers, drinks un-capped, Zoe chirping in delight at the impressive novelty of a picnic. A security guard stood staring at us the entire time we were setting up. As soon as the drinks were opened, he came over and made it very clear that we were NOT to sit upon the grass. Zoe started crying, and I stared in vain frustration at the guard, WISHING with all my heart that I could say the nasty things in my head to him, and not get in trouble from God. I mean, the guy wouldn’t understand me, so would it still be wrong? At the very least, I wished I knew enough Chinese to ask him why it was ok for the insanely hot teenage girl to sit on the grass while she talked with her boyfriend, and why it was ok for that little boy to defecate on the grass, and WHY, oh WHY is it ok for those dozens of sick little dogs to run around madly on the grass but a little human girl CANT HAVE A PICNIC?!!!! We weren’t littering, we were NOT relieving our bladders, we were just HAPPY!

Now I am at home, in my beautiful little pocket of peace. The girls are asleep at last, and I am nibbling on m&ms. it’s that or snickers, and I totally over-did snicker in our first month here. I don’t like days like today. But there are worse things. And tomorrow, my husband is going to come home, and I just might be able to talk him into letting me be ALONE for a few hours. That would be cool, huh?!!!


Harmony said...

oh Hallie!

You had me laughing but I totally identify with your pain!

eyes2zion2 said...

Hi Hallie!
I am sorry! I would love to come bully people out of your way for you!
I would definitely be thinking not nice things to say to a few of them but in the end i would probably just cry.

enjoy your place of peace! And your daughters! I love my 2 babies! Honor never stops smiling either. i think she would have liked Esther :)

p.s. I am sure you do look Smoking hot on a motorcycle with 2 children! Go on with your bad self!

mama said...

I am so sorry about your picnic! Wish I was there to wag my finger and shake my head at those ladies! So...what is it? Is it because you are a foreigner, or is that standard behavior in line? You had a day definately lacking in civility and compassion! I hope you were able to rest and let Jesus love on you! About you flying through the streets of Kunming on your cycle, arm muscles rippling, jaw set just so, hair in the breeze,your daughters along for the ride...(and angels hanging on!)...I can see it now! You go,girl!