Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Any word that starts with an S become muddled on my 3 year old’s tongue. The S moves to the end of the word.

“Mommy, look! I’m KIPSING!” (Skipping)

“Mommy, I make a MILES!” (as she draws a smiling face)

“I’m going to TIRS the cakecakes” (stir the pancakes)

“If I clean up all my toys really fast, do I get a TICKERS”? (sticker)

“ I EED a NACKS Mommy!” (need a snack)

Melt my heart, Zoe, why don't you?


alejandre said...

I love this stage! So precious! I remember working so hard with Angela to say spaghetti instead of pasghetti, and being so disappointed when it did. Such a beautiful, fun stage, enjoy it!!!!

mama said...

I love my "pecials" Zoe girl.

Harmony said...

We talked to her tonight on skype, and I couldn't get over the cute zoe-speak. My boys have always been so exact in their speech, it seems like... it made her seems so little and so innocent and so sweet. I want her here right now!