Friday, April 10, 2009


Our taxi was at a standstill....
and the horde began to surround us.....
He is making a DIFFERENCE

Yesterday, getting home from the eye doctor should have taken 30 minutes. It took 3 hours.
Because our taxi was at a standstill, completely surrounded by a mob of over 1,000 people.
Thailand has two political parties. The “yellows” and the “reds”. For lack of a better comparison, we could pretend they are like Republicans and Democrats. Thailand is still a Kingdom, but it is a somewhat democratic kingdom.
Anyway, do you remember last fall, (when we were here having Esther) the “yellow shirts” or the PAD closed down the Bangkok airport for a few weeks? Stranded passengers were stuck there for weeks, flights stopped, you know, chaos and all that? As a result, the PAD achieved a new level of political power. Now the other guys, the “reds”, want some power. So it is their turn to mess stuff up.

Tomorrow is the first day of Thailand’s biggest festival. The “Water Festival”. It is kind of like the Thai New Year. Should be a big money maker for Thailand. But the “reds” are committed to protesting by shutting down the main roads until someone listens to their demands and complies.

To their credit, they were the friendliest mob Matt and I have ever seen. We rolled down our window in the tropical downpour that came and livened up the mob, and high-fived and laughed with a bunch of the protesters. I was pretty cheerful, ‘cause it was just me, Esther, and Matt,
and if we were stuck there for hours, we had some Baskin Robins Pralines and Cream for food.
As the hours dragged on though, I REALLY had to go to the to the toilet. So I left Matthew and the baby in the taxi, and found some nice guys drinking beer, and they let me use their toilet. AHHH…. RELIEF. Then I got back in the taxi, ready to settle in for the long haul.
I cannot say that I understand the politics here. But they sure are colorful! We managed to get the above two pictures before our camera officially broke for good.

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