Monday, March 23, 2009


You know how, when you go on an extended trip, all the stuff you have been putting off doing for months suddenly seems REALLY important, so you get all stressed about doing it before you leave? Yeah. Like, I have been meaning to organize all the junk on our bathroom counter and throw most of it away for about 3 months, and now that we are leaving for Bangkok, I feel like it has to be done RIGHT NOW, or…. Or WHAT? Maybe whatever bad thing happened because of it not being organized before will finally happen!

We are leaving for Bangkok, Thailand, tonight, at 11 pm. Arriving around 2 am. YUCK!!!

I have had a problem since Esther was born, and kept hoping it would get better, and it hasn’t. The pain is worse, and we finally feel that it is time for us to go get the surgery done. I don’t exactly know what all will be involved, we won’t know until I get a better diagnosis at the hospital in Thailand. But all the specialist here that I have seen, and my doctor back home in Oregon have agreed that it would be VERY unwise to put off addressing this issue any longer.

We won’t pretend that being in warmth, and having yummy western food won’t be nice, but being cut, and not being able to care for my babies, and being so far away from home won’t be easy. Spending money on fixing a broken up body always annoys me, because I just want the GREAT PHYSICIAN to do it!

I am kind of scared, Matthew is trying to psych himself up for taking fatherhood to a whole new level by being the “primary care-taker” for a while ;) Hehe. Welcome to my world, buddy! Zoe wishes we were going there on a helicopter. I don’t think Ester really cares much, as long as she gets to keep blowing spit bubbles.

We are going to keep trusting the Father for a miracle. He loves us. He cares for us. He goes before us. Keep us in your hearts, and we will let you know how it all goes! All that said, next time we go to Thailand, it had BETTER be for a vacation, and not medical stuff!

I will post again this week, after we get a solid diagnosis.


Heather Ziebart said...

I believe the great physician can heal you still. I agree that fixing body stuff is just anoying. Just remember that we have not been given a spirit of fear but sound mind. Claim that. ..... I am coming soon!

Teresa Straub said...

praying for you guys...