Monday, March 30, 2009

“Medical Tourism”

The international hospital we went to is astonishing. People from all over the world come here, to Bangkok, to receive some of the best medical care in the world. The hospital supplies complimentary translators in over 40 different languages! But every doctor, and every nurse speak incredible English. We walked right up to registration. Didn’t even have to wait one minute. Within 30 minutes I was sitting down with an OBGYN, and an hour later, we were out of there.

One week down, and the first round of tests is over! I don’t have cancer, HPV, or any major structural problems. I don’t have 3 other things, and we don’t know what I DO have. The Doctor has one idea, and I began treatment for that. And the second round of tests has begun. Now we are googling like crazy, and making a list of ideas to discuss with the doctor. My next appointment is on Sunday. We will know more then. I did discover my height in centimeters. 170

The halls of this hospital are filled with wealthy people from all over the world. Africans, Indians, devout Muslim women swathed in yards of cloth, all of them taking advantage of a medical system un-encumbered by the insurance games and limitations. It is one of the most diverse places I have ever been. We only went into two buildings, and both had a Starbucks!!!

Matthew's sister Heather is a great help. It is so nice to go into an appointment, and know that Zoe is safe, and happy, and have Matthew be able to help me process.
Our hotel is really nice. The pool is BEAUTIFUL… it has a kid pool and Zoe is blissful when swimming in it. The hot tub really is not very hot, because it is about 90 degrees every day. But it is kind of cool sitting in the semi warm pool of jets. I like it. So, that is the story for now. More later!


Paris or Bust said...

You're constantly in my thoughts Halz, and I'm so grateful to hear that you're receiving top-notch medical care. I love you!! ~ Em.

elizabeth strehle said...

I am praying for you that they determine a correct diagnosis so that this can be resolved. I am glad that it is such a wonderful hospital and that you will receive the best of care.