Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pizza with chopsticks

Another weekly gathering at our place… 20 Chinese people, and about 6 Oregonians who were in town. I made Pizza, garlic breadsticks, banana muffins, and ginger snaps. And others brought a bunch of Chinese food. There was not ONE speck of food left on the table and hour later.

You have not lived until you have seen someone eat a slice of pizza with chopsticks.

We had to make them all stop, and gave them a lesson in vulgar American eating habits. We also taught them that Americans pretty much fight to get in line first at potluck thingies, and told them to stop being polite and eating one grain of rice at a time, and just DIG IN!!!

They love our house. They think Zoe and Esther are the cutest things they have ever seen in their lives. Zoe knows she is the cutest thing they have ever seen in their lives.

We met a girl named Jade at the zoo last weekend. We felt that the Father wanted us to invite her over. She is only 18, very poor, from a village. She had to quit school to make money to support her family last year when her dad died. You should have seen her pride when she showed up at our house with 5 friends. She knew FOREIGNERS, and she speaks ENGLISH, and they were so impressed. Jade has a beautiful heart, and we know that the Father has an equally beautiful plan for her life. Jade is Muslim. But I have a feeling about her.

This is a good life. Hard, sometimes, but good.


mama said...

I love you! I wish I could of been at that pizza dinner! It sounds great. Yes, no doupt they love Zoe and Esther. with chopsticks...I think I'll try that! Love, hugs, kisses

Heather Ziebart said...

I think I should talk to my manager about serving chopsticks with our pizza from now on..... those are cheep than the wooden tongs that were being stolen!

Harmony said...

Well, in Europe they eat it with a knife and fork. Are we just more barbaric than we thought?!