Sunday, January 25, 2009

I LIKE.....

The last few days have been anything but “good”. I started it off by drinking about 3 cups of coffee instead of my usual 1, and Esther didn’t sleep for at least 24 hours. Yeah, stupid me.

Then Zoe broke her arm. Then the money didn’t come if for Matt to take an important trip he has been planning for months. Now Matthew is really really sick. But I am not going to dwell on that. This is the perfect opportunity to write about a few things I really like here in China!

I like cheap Chinese herbal medicine

I like eating fresh strawberries in the middle of winter. I like eating giant, candied rose hips on a stick. I like buying chunks of peanut brittle from a street vendor, and I like fried dumplings with corn and pork in them.

I LOVE the way sunlight streams into our apartment on a rare sunny day.

I like living in a city with decent public transportation.

I like always having something new and interesting to see when I go out.

I like the wonderful feeling when a find a special treat, like chocolate chips, at the local import store.

I like that my newly potty-trained 2 year old can pee on the side of the street, so we never have accidents!

I like that most people excuse my stupid mistakes by saying, “what do you expect? She is a stupid foreigner”!

I like cheap DVDs, even if they don’t work half the time.

I like watching a person’s face when you tell them about ONE who really, and truly, forever loves them. The ONE who lost his life for them.

I like Sype, ‘cause my family is close when I miss them.

I like that Zoe’s XRays only cost 50 bucks!

I like gnawing on sugar cane sticks.

I like the guards at the gate of our apartment, especially “Mike”, he likes to speak English with us!

I like my Chinese teacher, she is patient and encouraging, and expecting a baby.

I like Zoe’s Chinese, 4 year old friend Sophie, because Sophie is very kind and patient with Zoe.

I like Sophie’s mommy, because she helps me and Matt achieve our goals for being here.

I like being in a crowded market, in my own little world, and being jolted out of it by an English word being spoken somewhere.

I like knowing that you love us, and care for us.


mama said...

I like everything you have written!I like the way you like the sun in your window...and telling of the son. I like how you can find chocolate chips in obscure places...I like what a fantastic mother you are...I like (love is more accurate) that you are Matthew's helpmeet for life...I like the way you give up much in order to give...I like how you carry your babies on your back or front...I like how you laugh and smile so easily...I like how you are a light in a dark world...I like how I have tons more that I like about you...

Harmony said...

"I like being in a crowded market, in my own little world, and being jolted out of it by an English word being spoken somewhere"

This sentence made me cry. Maybe because I feel so lonely for you, and maybe because I know how lonely your type of aloneness can be.

I miss you and you are consistently on my heart.

Bob Bennett said...

I love reading your comments. we love and miss you and you are in our thoughts everyday. keep up the good work.

we are all fine here, waiting for spring to come, too much snow this winter.
love,aunt mary jane