Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hardly Davidson

We got a sweet ride.

We were hoping to one day buy one, (we also need a bike and a scooter) but our friends here outgrew it, and passed it on to us!

Wherever we need to go as a family, we can get there in style and comfort, and without the miming and babbling involved in trying to tell a taxi cab driver were we want to go.

It’s called the Hardly Davidson. Or it could be called FREEDOM.

The Chinese call it the “handicapped chair” the only people here who use it are really old men, carting their women around. Thus, we could call it our “smile machine”, because everywhere we go, people burst into laughter, or, if they are trying to be polite, stifle the laughter and choke on a grin.

As of now, it can only be started with a delicate combination of gymnastics, but Matthew has nailed it down to an art form.

Zoe is held in place by one of Matthew’s old leather belts, so she doesn’t go flying out when we bump over one of Kunming’s finer samples of roadway. She is also zipped up inside one of mommy’s windbreaker so she doesn’t turn into a popsicle.

I hold Esther in her carrier, hold the gas cap on, and help Daddy yell “BEEP” every time we round a corner. We yell “BEEP” because the horn stopped working for some reason. But no one really notices us yelling “BEEP”, and if they do, they just think the strange, beautiful foreigners are having seizures.

Whatever. On a $2 tank of gas, we can go ANYWHERE we want. (as long as we avoid the police roadblocks) We have taken full advantage of the back roads, and visited the zoo, gone to Sunday morning fellowship, explored a Western style neighborhood with REAL houses, and discovered a few new restaurants. We can explore the parts of Kunming most westerners never see.

Matthew feels like a man again, in charge of his own driving destiny.
I drove it a couple times, but all the things involved in getting it going are too overwhelming when I am on my own with the two kids. So for the weekdays, it’s still the bus, but weekends….
It is a little different from our last few cars...

But we like it better
Because it is HERE!
We are the wild and crazy hog riders.


Heather Ziebart said...

a harley is maybe the manliest of all the rigs. besides how much gas would 2$ have gotten you in your SUV? seriously. oh and you forgot a picture of your minivan. :)

Harmony said...

Do you still have this?