Thursday, December 4, 2008

a moment

Reminiscing on a moment...

When you travel a lot, you collect them. Moments that the camera wasn’t there, and you are glad, because no camera could have done justice to what you saw, and what you felt.

In Thailand, there was a demon celebration week. They light candles and float them away on the water, praying that their sins of the past year will be forgiven, taken away by the gods.

They also light candles inside of the large, white paper balloons. On the peak night of the holiday, we were coming home from something… the moat around the city was lit by hundreds candles floating on coconut and bamboo “boats”. The black sky was studded with thousands of lights, flickering from inside their balloons, as hopeful believers stood, tears streaming down their faces, praying that their sins were gone with the balloon they had sent into the night.

We took a taxi part way up the mountain and stood looking out over the city. It felt like we were inside our own personal constellation of stars. Painfully beautiful.

Eventually, the candle burns out, and the balloon, loaded with sin comes floating back to earth.
The ONE who took our sins away promises they will never come back to us. They are thrown into the deepest sea. They are NOT going to get washed back up onto shore.

My words don’t do it justice any more than a photo could have. But I am going to hold this moment, and what it means for all who believe in the ONE, and I am going to treasure it in my heart.

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