Thursday, December 4, 2008


Potty training. It has been sorta off and on for Zoe. She wouldn’t wet her undies when we were at home, but when we were out and about, the squatty potties proved to be just TOO intimidating. Then her baby sister came, and she decided she only wanted to use diapers. We made a great to-do about how, when we got back to China, she was not going to use diapers any more. I guess you could say we went cold turkey.

Imagine my panic a couple of days ago, when we were out on some crazy-busy street, trying to catch a bus, and the child announces… “Mommy, I go potty NOW!” In no uncertain terms.

Right, I think, the closest public squatty is like, 15 minutes away. Awesome. I think she should just wear diapers FOREVER.

So, I say, Okay, I will find a potty honey, just hold it.

I go potty on ground mommy, like Chinese kids” and she points to the cracked pavement below our feet.

Does my face register the horror I feel in my heart?

But she is right. It might not be MY culture, but it is the culture of where we are choosing to live, and it is not my fault that nobody has

So, we find a struggling patch of grass, and give it a little boost.
Now, she has her favorite spots all over town where she likes to go. My daughter has begun her journey to becoming an American/Chinese.

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Janelle Rispler said...

Being a mom in China... wow, what a crazy adventure you must be having....
Hi Hallie! It's been a long time. I wish we would have met up before you left for another country. I love being able to check in every once in a while on your life. I have a blog too- a very pathetic one- but you're welcome to stop by