Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daily Life on the train

Lots of Chinese toddlers wear winter hats with brown and blond curly hairs sewn onto them. I hope you can see it!
during one of her daily smile sessions

waking up!

bath time... Zoe washes her feet, bottom, and tummy with the washcloth. It is kinda rough having her up on the counter, maybe someday we will get a baby bath!

Taking in the sights at the mall downtown...
Note: I would never let Zoe out in public looking like this in the states. However, she was sick, and this coat was only 5 bucks.... and we were broke and needed one, and besides, this is the way EVERY two year old looks here. Also note the missing eyeball on the lady bug. There are 3 lady bugs on the coat, and only one eyeball left among them.
The old town. Yeah, there are still folks dwelling in some of these.
This passage is inside above building. The live, work, and have their being in here.....

Another family lives inside that, um, I don't know what to call it.... shelter?
Zoe had been sick for 3 days, and we were sick of her being sick, so we stuck her in the stroller and went adventuring. Behind us is a guy making cotton candy on his portable cotton candy stand... yeah, its just his bike. You can buy all kinds of cool stuff on this road, like dried fungus of all kinds, and strange spices, and pickled ANYTHING.....
Left to right....
Cassie, Patty, Tessah
Some of the girls in our "team"
We had a cookie decorating deal at Martie's house cause she has cookie cutters she brought from the states!
Tessah loves Esther!
And oh, how Esther's big sister loves Tessah!


Harmony said...

Does Zoe seriously have butterfly wings coming out of her back?! =) hahahahaha

Oh, Esther is so beautiful. Is she smiling on purpose?

And I LOVE your sweater. Oh, we miss you, Hallie.

The Blakes said...

Ahh!! TESSAH!!! Tessah is with you! wow! Please hug her neck and tell her I said hi! coool!! I was so shocked to see her pretty face on there...cool! :) LOVE theh pictures!!