Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Blue Book

YAY!!!! Matthew went to the American Consulate yesterday, to see if there was any chance Esther’s passport was ready a week early. AND IT WAS!!! Now our whole family has that very important little blue book, that half the world wished they could have. We are blessed indeed.
Zoe knew that we had to get Esther’s “blue passport book” before we could go home… she has been begging to go home to her China house and her big girl bed. So yesterday was a BIG day when and daddy went to get that book!

This little turn of events means that we get to go home a week earlier than we had expected. First we are going to visit a city in Northern Thailand for a couple days, to meet up with some Americans who are doing a community development project (in a Hani minority village) involving a rubber tree plantation. We are getting involved in such a thing in China (also with the Hani), and want to see how they are doing it here in Thailand. Should be a fun adventure with our two little munchkins. I am excited that we are done waiting, and get to DO something. Neither of us are good at sitting around. We like being BUSY!
Out on an adventure!
The baby, Tova, on the left, was born one week after Esther. She will be going back to Cambodia soon with her two big sister, who Zoe ADORES to play with. We are SO thankful for the friends we have made here.

i am REALLY going to miss you starbucks, and your peaceful chairs, and your sweet taste....


Heather Ziebart said...

hah whats up with the huge bandaid on ZoBos head? And I quite like the starbucks on butt picture.... we will have to make sure she reinacts that one like like 16 years

Cox Family said...

i love it!!! your bog is so cute! we are so happy we know you two hope our paths cross again soon

Harmony said...

I can't believe how small she is! Your starbucks doesn't have anything to do with her nightly screaming, does it? =)

Oh, your daughters are so beautiful.

(So are you).