Friday, November 7, 2008


My mother-in-law gave me an assignment last spring, to write a poem about where I am from, what makes me who I am. I did it, but I didn't show anybody :) but being all reflective lately, as I forge ahead into raising two little girls, I kinda wanted to share it! So, here goes!

I am from confidence
Born into destiny
Breathing change
And dancing to a new song

I am from the inside of a splintering wood fence
Safe and free
Inventing stories
Teaching my sister to play

I am from breathless awe
Watching little Hannah join our world
Wanting a brother
And screaming “why 8?”

I am from an army of dishes
Piles of stained, clean diapers
Silent nature hikes
Anticipating a glimpse of pure beauty

I am from a confident “NO!”
Knowing what was wrong
Wishing I were right
More often

I am from almond milk, speckled with brown
Taught to look deeper than most
Believing I could be anything
Wishing I were anyone else

I am from never bored
And deep, exhausted sleep
Woken up to do it right
Crying to be heard

I am from ripe, rich peaches, Mr. Meyers snores
Juicy burgundy grapes
Sticky, dusty toes
Rows of hard work on basement shelves

I am from Yes means Yes
You can trust me
Understand what they are really saying
And bite your tongue

I am from never doubting
Knowing He is real
Insecurities banished
Head held high

I am from a book of ballets
Sneaking Brady bunch
Louisa May Alcott
And a patriot’s heart

I am from tights pink
Fishnets banned
Skirts too short
Hating plaid

I am from a lot of tears
Justified and otherwise
Caught in a bottle
Not one missed
(can you believe it?!)

I am from dying to get away
Dying to be back
Counting my blessings
Almost too late

I am from earth
Dirty and raw
I am from heaven’s heart
Pure and spotless

I am from the side of my bridegroom
As I finally understand

I am from obedience
Demanding obedience
Searching for “me”
Inside of HIM

I am from confidence
Birthed out of pain
Raised up with purpose
Chosen to lead


Laura said...

beautiful. I should do mine again.

Harmony said...

This is awesome, Hallie. It is beautiful. Did you guys really take silent nature walks? I'm picturing all eight of you in a single file line, with Papa at the front, trying so hard to be quiet.

Your words are beautiful. I appreciate that you are from Never Doubting, and Counting Your Blessings Almost Too Late. You teach me scores in these regards.

JakeRay said...

Hallie! I love it.

Riverguide said...

ziebarts! Zoe is sooooo cute and the new her middle name Latin?

I'm glad to see everything is going well. Keep up the great work!

mama said...

I love your I AM FROM poem. I remember when we talked about you doing one, after I wrote mine. You are beautiful. Your poem helps me know you more. I thank God for you...and where you are from...because it makes you beautiful you. ~ love, mom z

Harmony said...

I thought of this today when we were spreading clean, stained diapers around the living room to dry.