Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who's in control in Thailand?

Zoe feeding the demon-rat some food.
39 weeks at a Wat, or Bhuddist temple gate
Daddy's pretty girls

Someone ADORES Daddy

Can you tell I have been playing with photoshop? :)

Two really great things happened yesterday, and they reminded me of the ONE who is watching over us, and His great love. I get so anxious, and I don't know why, because He ALWAYS has our best in mind.
We were given 90 visas by the Thai Government. That is WONDERFUL, because they could have made us take an 8 hour bus ride to a border to renew our visas every 30 days. But now, we just get to stay here, worry free, for as long as it takes to have a baby, and get all her papers in order.
The American Consulate is closing for 3 weeks, and origionally told us that we would have to wait to even begin the process of applying for our baby's passport and visas until they re-opened. Needless to say, and extra three weeks in this country did NOT sound fun, or budget-friendly. So we prayed and prayed, and a lot of friends prayed, and yesterday we got a call from a girl at the consulate. She told us that they would set up a special appointment for us, as soon as baby comes, and help us expedite all the paperwork, and that we did not have to wait for the consulate to re-open. THANK YOU JESUS!

There are so many other details that I worry about. Or think God may have forgotten. But He hasn't and He won't. And tonight, I will eat my sweet-sticky rice with mangos and coconut milk, and I will thank Him, and I will repent again for not trusting Him, and I will once again repeat my verses for now
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER, and LOVE, and of a SOUND MIND

I sought the LORD and He heard me, and delivered me from ALL my fears


mama said...

The pictures are beautiful! Praise God for everything working out at the consulate! Hallie, your labor and delivery will go well...your precious baby will be here soon! We are loving you and missing you. ~ mom z

Harmony said...

Oh Hallie, you are just lovely.

Sharell said...

You seriously are the most beautiful pregnant lady EVER. I mean you are pretty when you don't have a baby inside you, but seriously you almost make me think about having babies, almost.

I miss you dearly. Been praying for you.

Linguistica said...

Your family is so cute it's almost painful to see...must...look...away...can' precious!! Man, my heart is just so full thinking about all that God is doing in your lives. Love,