Monday, September 29, 2008

more from China, and a couple Thailand

This is the taxi we got at the airport in Chiang Mai and it took us to our hotel. Yes, it is a truck with and open back!
This was the fix after the bleach job. i think they are like, black and blue and blond highlites. Different, but a lot better than that first one you can see below! The blue is fading out into brown, parents. so don't worry!

Scary bleach job by the Koreans peeps in China

Our friends Thai foster boy, he is Zoe's age! He is in love with me because i took his picture and let him see it!

Feeding fish with Isaac's family in Thailand

our kitchen

Zoe and her moon festival loot. a balloon, peanuts, a moon cake, and sucker

Our first and only date in China, on the night of the full moon, everyone around us is celebrating the moon festival

Daddy's undies FIT ME!!!

The neighbor baby whom we love to play with. His grandpa usually takes care of him while his parents work!

These monkeys at the zoo in China ride BIKES!

The wonder with which we gaze upon the baby monkeys

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