Sunday, September 7, 2008

And more!

within 15 minutes of our couches being delivered, Matthew had them fully tested. you can't really tell, but they are a light sage green, and very comfy. The nicest we have ever had!

No one in this village family had ever had their picture taken. Matthew was trying to get them to smile, but they didnt know what to do for the picture! The mother spent about 30 minutes fixing her bangs JUST right. They had BEAUTIFUL smiles and hearts. He is going to take them some prints of these photos when he visits next!

The beautiful mountains. Each one has a forrest at the top, then the village, then below the village, the terraced rice fields.

Some of Matthew's new friends in a village

Zoe's fishies died of a something that ate them alive. it looked like fungus. so they went down the toilet and she thinks it a riot to go potty on her Fishies! Zoe's new friend Analise came and watched movies with us and played while her mommy and daddy celebrated their anniversary! (By the way, that floral pillow is my body pillow, and trust me, it was the ONLY pillow case available in that size)

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