Saturday, July 19, 2008

For you, Harm

The goat, BahBah (Grandpa) and Grammy (can you believe she is calling her that?)
The little store where you buy nectar was closed, so grandpa fished a cup out of the garbage, and faked the birds into landing on him. This was what Zoe wanted to see more than anything else. The birds.

Here's your handsome bother, his lovely wifey, and a small girl with a squinty nose.
I wish you could have been there with your small tribe. We would have felt so cool with our Ergos.


Harmony said...

Oh, I love it! Thank you so much!

I love your tan Ergo. I couldn't decide between the burgundy and the tan, and the burgundy won out. So you having the tan lets me vicariously live through you and have BOTH of the colors I like! ;)

Thanks for doing the blog, you gorgeous pregnant Mama, you.

Harmony said...

You and Zoe have matching hair!

halz said...

That was such a fun time at the zoo with you and the rest of the tribe! Wonderful memories! Wow! Our new little grandaughter yet-to-be-born is getting so big! By her actions she sounds like an athlete in the womb! I love you! ~mom z.

Ed & Laura said...

That last message was from me...I still love you. And...I am so glad you have a blogspot!

Heather Ziebart said...

yeah you for joining da club!

Sharell said...

I'm escatic that you have joined the wonderful world of blogging :]